June 2016

Industry Investments

Hutterian Brethren Church of Camrose Upgrades Sausage Making Equipment

Top: HBCC’s new sausage stuffer.

Bottom: A selection of HBCC products.

As a primary producer, the Hutterian Brethren Church of Camrose (HBCC) raises poultry, hogs and cattle on a local operation. This source of supply helps HBCC meet customer demand for their various meat products, as they carry out their own processing and sell their products at their on-farm store.

In 2013, HBCC started constructing a new facility to help increase their processing capacity. Over the last few years, they partnered with the Alberta Livestock and Meat Agency (ALMA) on multiple projects for this facility. This included building their processing line and subsequent upgrades to the smoke house and to the refrigeration system.

“This facility and subsequent projects really helped us keep up with increasing demand for our products,” said Project Manager, Jonathan Tschetter. “With segregated areas for poultry and red meat processing, it heightened our food safety and efficiency.”

Once again, HBCC is partnering with ALMA to bring in an automated continuous sausage stuffer that will expand their pork processing capacity. In fact, Tschetter believes this upgrade could increase processing by more than 125 thousand kilograms during the first year.

“Our new stuffer will also further enhance food quality, food safety and our overall productivity,” said Tschetter. “Therefore, it assists us in continuing to provide safe, fresh and quality products to our customers, which helps maintain steady growth and customer demand for red meat products.”

“HBCC shows the value of growing step-by-step to ensure the ability to meet demand. That helps them grow at a sustainable rate and strengthen the Alberta industry,” said Cody Cunningham, ALMA’s Senior Manager, Industry Investments.

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