August 2016

Strong Inaugural Canadian Beef Industry Conference Helps to Unify and Connect Industry

From August 9-11, beef industry representatives from across the supply chain came together in Calgary to attend the inaugural Canadian Beef Industry Conference (CBIC). This sold out event was designed to create a national meeting place for the Canadian beef industry, and with over 650 participants and a solid response on social media, CBIC proved its value as a hub for uniting industry.

With notable speakers, ranging from keynote Arlene Dickenson, to reputable industry representatives talking about key opportunities facing the industry, the conference covered a lot of important ground. Its agenda also focused on the four pillars of the National Beef Strategy: connectivity, productivity, beef demand and competitiveness, which will hopefully support industry’s forward momentum towards a stronger industry.

ALMA was a proud supporter of CBIC 2016 and looks forward to seeing the event continue to grow.

To learn more about CBIC and this year’s event, read the CBIC media release, or visit the CBIC website.