Strategic Research & Development Program:

The Strategic Research & Development Program (SRDP) is designed to enable both basic and applied research initiatives aligned to Alberta Agriculture and Forestry’s (AAF) Business Plan and priorities. The SRDP provides targeted grant assistance for entities involved in Alberta’s livestock and meat industry.

The Strategic Research & Development program has revised Terms & Conditions (T&Cs) which expand the eligible applications and projects to crops; previously exclusive to livestock relevant projects. Please see the following T&Cs to determine eligibility

Terms & Conditions

Letters of intent (LOI) and Full Proposals are reviewed on an on-going basis. The review process typically takes between 3-4 months from submission of LOI to reach a funding decision by AAF. When submitting your LOI or Full Proposal, please note that only a pdf copy of the signature(s) is required. Signatures can be emailed to or submitted by fax (780-427-1057). All applicants will be notified of the status of their LOI by email. Only a successful LOI will be followed by a request for a Full Proposal.

Submissions to SRDP should target novel and innovative approaches for the Alberta livestock industries to:

1. Improve livestock production efficiency

1.1. Feed efficiency

1.2. Livestock production efficiency

1.3. Production economics

1.4. Livestock nutrition

1.5. Breeding and reproduction efficiency

1.6. Animal health

1.7. Genetics and “-omics”

2. Address sustainable livestock production: Social, Economic and Environmental sustainability;

2.1. Livestock and climate change

2.2. Animal welfare

2.3. Antimicrobial resistance and alternatives

2.4. Consumer trends and social license

3. Improve the national and global competitiveness of Alberta’s livestock industry;

3.1. Product quality

3.2. Food safety

3.3. National and Global trade/economics

3.4. Value-added products

4. Application of technologies in livestock production

4.1. Livestock disease diagnostics

4.2. New agricultural technologies

4.3. Genetics and “-omics”

4.4. Precision Ag. related to livestock production

How to Apply

LOI and Full Proposal submissions for the SRDP are to be made through the on-line electronic submission system. The on-line system can be found at Once LOIs have been reviewed, the Full Proposal form will be made available to those applicants with successful LOIs. The applications will be thoroughly reviewed internally, by external peer-review, and by an external technical review committee. The SRDP is a competitive, merit-based funding competition.

If you have previously submitted your LOI and/or Full Proposal through the Agriculture Funding Consortium (AFC), you do NOT need to resubmit the same proposal through the SRDP.

Past Calls for Proposals:

Agriculture Funding Consortium (AFC) Call for Proposals opened March 31st, 2017 and closed May 19th, 2017.

The Agriculture Funding Consortium (AFC) is a voluntary body comprised of 13 organizations, each of which is responsible for its own priorities and investment mandate. The purpose of a collaborative one-window approach to funding agriculture research and innovation is to coordinate the proposal process, funding provided and stimulate private/public sector participation in Alberta’s agriculture and the food industry. Information on current areas of research and innovation investment is available from each individual organization or by going to

Antimicrobial Use / Antimicrobial Resistance Alberta Beef Producers/ALMA Call for Proposals (Deadline for submission is June 1, 2016)

The purpose of this $1.5 million targeted call for proposals is to focus on antimicrobial use and resistance research priority areas benefiting Alberta’s cattle producers. Antimicrobial stewardship is key to maintaining the Alberta beef industry’s social license to operate, and continued efficacy of products available to the cattle industry. Antimicrobial usage must be prudent, and used most effectively. The targeted priority areas have been established based on producer and expert analysis of significant knowledge and/or technology gaps that require additional research to inform sound decisions regarding the use of antimicrobials by producers in the beef industry and wider antimicrobial policy decisions. Addressing antimicrobial use and resistance issues will provide opportunities for the development of tools and management strategies to increase the competitiveness of the beef industry and aid in maintaining public confidence in the beef industry.

All proposals submitted to ABP must follow the guidelines outlined in the Instructions & Guidelines for Submitting a Letter of Intent & Research Proposal document, posted on the ABP website at:

Linked Documents

Strategic Research and Development Letter of Intent Application Guide (Letter of Intent Template)

Strategic Research and Development Budget Spreadsheet

Interim Report Template

Final Report Template

Program Contact:

Jeff Millang

Acting Director, Strategic Research & Development

Livestock Research and Extension Branch

Agriculture and Forestry

Phone: 403 556-4326; Fax: 403 556-7545